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Big News: CV Skinlabs Available in Canada!

+ CV Skinlabs Team

CanadaI have great news. Those of you who have been asking for CV Skinlabs in Canada can now purchase it from Canadian stores!

We’re now so excited to be featured in the following online and brick & mortar stores.

Health Hut All Natural Boutique

Founded by holistic nutritionist Tara Miller, the Health Hut features only non-toxic yet highly effective natural beauty and health products. Tara hand selects all the lines herself, and guarantees that each product contains ingredients that promote health and healing. She says the store was inspired by the philosophy that what we put onto our bodies is as important as what we put into them, so she doesn’t allow any products that contain phthalates, sulfates, parabens, petroleum, formaldehyde, or other harmful additives.

Of course this philosophy matches perfectly with ours!Health Hut

Tara started out with a store in Muskota, Ontario, but increasing demand led to her online shop, where you’ll find CV Skinlabs products. The Health Hut offers FREE shipping for all orders over $50.

To go shopping at Health Hut, click here!

Louche LilyLouche Lily

Louche Lily was founded by makeup artist and fashion industry professional Lyz Plant. In her daily work, she soon learned the alarming number of toxic synthetic ingredients were in mainstream cosmetics, from high-end names to drugstore brands. Frustrated with that, she sought out more natural and sustainable alternatives that would make up a healthier, and better, face.

Over time, Lyz found top quality products with ingredients she could actually pronounce, and dreamed of a place where she could buy them all in one location. When she couldn’t find such a place, she decided to create one of her own.

Louche Lily is the result, dedicated to “fashion mavens” who care about what they put on, and in, their bodies. The store features eco-friendly products that are luxurious and high fashion without the toxic ingredients, but that work for even the most discerning customer.

“You don’t have to wreck our planet-or yourself-to look and feel freaking amazing,” Lyz writes on her website.

In addition to her online store, Lyz also has a brick and mortar location where you can try before you buy. We’ve listed the address for that location below just in case you’d like to go check it out. In addition, you get free samples of products with every order, which is delivered in environmentally sustainable tissue and bags made form 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

To go shopping at Louche Lily, click here, or visit their store at the following address.

141 St Lawrence Street

Merrickville, Ontario


Have you shopped at either of these stores? Please share your experience.

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