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The Best Gifts for Mom Based on Her Personality

+ Pamela Friedman

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend. Are you ready?

Maybe you’ve already gotten Mom something, or maybe you’re a little behind. Either way, we want to help.

Many of us get mom cards, candy, and flowers on Mother’s Day, but some surveys have found that these things aren’t really high on most moms’ lists.

“,” for example, found that Moms would prefer that things like electronics, housewares, clothing, candy, jewelry, and flowers be left as birthday presents. For Mother’s day, they wanted “a gift with meaning.”

“Arizona Family” found similar results from their survey of over 1,000 moms across the country. They found that over 35 percent of moms just wanted a nice dinner with the family, 32 percent wanted the house cleaned, and 25 percent wanted a spa day—a chance to really pamper themselves and relax. What ranked low on the list? Store-bought greeting cards and scented candles.

You can help Mom feel special this Mother’s Day by giving her a gift that comes from the heart—that shows you were thinking of her—and by giving her something that helps her feel pampered and beautiful. Of course, it all depends on your mom’s unique personality, and you know her best.

Find Mom a Gift that Reflects Her Personality

To find something special and personal for mom, start by asking yourself about her personality. Is she trendy? Practical? Sporty? Hard-working? Think about her unique style and then try to find a gift that matches it. We’ve got some examples for you.

  1. Trendy: Go for an organic brand of makeup to help your mom feel up with the times both in her look and in how she’s pampering her skin. Some brands to try: Juice Beauty, RMS Beauty, Jane Iredale, and Afterglow Cosmetics. Find a makeup set that fits your mom’s natural coloring and she’ll love trying it out. Or take her to get a makeover with a makeup artist that specializes in natural and organic products. Consider our Calming Moisture, as it works great as a foundation primer!
  2. Practical: If your mom doesn’t really care about the latest makeup or fashion lines, but she likes having healthy skin, give her our Rescue & Glow Collection. This is a pampering, nourishing skin care set that works for any type of skin, even sensitive skin and dry skin. Mom will enjoy softer, more radiant skin within days of using these products, and if she has any dryness or itchiness she may find these clearing up as well. Or, you can simply sneak in and clean up the house when she’s gone, so she comes home to a nice surprise.
  3. Sporty: Lip balm is a great gift for the sporty mom, as she can never have enough, and besides, most common lip balms don’t help improve the condition of the lips, they only cover them up for a while. Try our award-winning Restorative Skin Balm to truly nourish and help lips heal. It’s full of natural softening and restorative ingredients that help soften and smooth. Another idea: take mom on a hiking trip, just the two of you.
  4. Fashionable: A fashionable mom might really enjoy a light spring scarf (you can’t go wrong with silk) that helps bring out her eyes. Older women are often self-conscious about their necks, particularly if there is any sagging or crepiness going on. You can add in our Body Repair Lotion to help provide some anti-aging power—pair the two up in a pretty package and you have a way to make Mom feel special.
  5. Hard-working: Try an herbal neck wrap. These help relieve stress, tension, muscle pain, and stiffness, and can be microwaved so they’re warm and comforting. Mom can sit back and relax with one of these for 10-30 minutes for a rare, enjoyable break from her regular hard-working day. Herbal Concepts has some good options. Pair it with our Rescue + Relief Spray as a nice, hydrating spritz for when she’s on the run and needs to refresh her skin.
  6. Relaxed: If your mom loves to relax, how about some organic and/or natural sleepwear? There are a number of brands now that offer naturally hypoallergenic and highly breathable sleep wear items that are a joy to wear. Try NudWear, Lily Silk, Luxor Linens, People Tree, and Love Justly. Another idea—pair it up with a relaxing herbal room & body mist, such as Aura Cacia’s Relaxing Lavender Room & Body Mist. Lavender is relaxing, and misting a little on Mom’s pillow or on her neck can help her drift off to sleep.
  7. Stressed: Maybe your mom has a stressful job, or is balancing a job with raising a family, or has her own parents to take care of. If you think your mom rarely has time for herself, maybe the perfect gift for her would be a day at the spa, a facial, or a massage. Having a chance to just step away from it all might be just the thing she needs to feel restored and recharged. Add in our CV Traveler to help her take good care of her skin even when she’s on the road.
  8. Sentimental: Is your mom one of those that keeps everything from when you were a child, including all those little pictures you drew with crayons? Does she love getting pictures of you and/or the grandkids? If so, you can capitalize on that in a number of ways. You can have the entire family write letters to mom and send them all together in one envelope. You can make a family video and email it to her. Try a personalized gift with a poem on it that you write yourself. Or take some time and write down your five favorite memories you shared with your mom, then either take it to her or send it to her to enjoy.
  9. Spiritual: If your mom is into meditating or has a strong religious commitment, maybe she would really enjoy a retreat. There are many restorative and mindful retreats available that last anywhere from a day to a weekend or longer, and registering your mom for one of these would give her a chance to get away and focus on her spiritual connection. Pair that with a piece of jewelry, book, or other gift that calls to mind her spiritual commitment and you’re likely to get an appreciative smile.
  10. Earthy: Does your mom enjoy gardening? Does she have various plants around the house? Does she spend a lot of her time outside, enjoying nature? For her a teapot terrarium may be the perfect gift—to bring a little nature inside on Mother’s Day. You can make one yourself to make it even more special. Find directions here. Or maybe you can take your mom to a wildlife preserve near you, visit a special garden together, or attend an herbal conference. Pair that with some of our CV Skinlabs products, as they include a lot of natural ingredients your mom will probably recognize.

How do you find a unique gift for your mom on Mother’s Day?

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