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Sandal-Ready Feet in One At-Home Treatment

+ Pamela Friedman

Ladies, are you eyeing those strappy sandals? Find your gaze lingering on those cute wedge heels? Longing to ditch the boots and sneakers for some comfy flats?

The warm weather is finally here in most parts of the country, which means it’s time to let our toes breathe a little. Before you bare those feet, however, make sure they’re in tip-top shape for display. You can do that with a little bit of self-care at home and the following five tips.

1. Start by Softening

Whatever your feet need, you must start by softening them. Nails, cuticles, and heels need softening before treatment, so it’s time for a soothing, relaxing foot soak. If you have a footbath you can use that. If not, no worries-simply use a basin of warm water. Add some bath salts, a half-cup of vinegar, a quarter cup coconut oil (or other oil like olive, almond, or jojoba), and a couple teaspoons of baking soda. You can add a few drops of essential oils for a nice scent if you like.

Ease your feet in and then sit back and close your eyes for about ten minutes. This will help clean, soothe, and soften your feet so they’re ready for the next steps.

2. Pat Dry and Exfoliate

Next, we need to get rid of that rough, tough skin that has built up over the winter. You’ll find most of it on your heels and possibly on the balls of your feet. Be careful, though. Don’t go overzealous or you run the risk of hurting yourself or causing an infection.

For truly rough skin such as what may be on your heels, start with a pumice stone. Rub it gently over the affected areas in circular motions. Rinse and repeat as needed. Next, use a nice foot scrub to finish the job. You can find one that you like at one of our recommended places to shop, or make your own.

To create your own foot scrub, simply combine ingredients like granulated or brown sugar, your favorite oil, a couple tablespoons of honey, and your favorite essential oil. Go easy on the oil so you don’t dissolve all the sugar, as you want the mix to help exfoliate that dead skin.

Once you’ve got your scrub, scoop some into your palm and use it to scrub your feet. Do go easy on the tops as the skin is more sensitive there. Use most of it on the bottoms of your feet. Go slow and careful, then rinse and pat dry.

3. Shape Up Your Nails

Now it’s time to shape up your nails. Push back the cuticles first and trim the excess if necessary. Be careful, though, as you don’t want to cause any bleeding. If they start to dry out, use a little oil (olive, almond, jojoba, coconut) to moisturize them again. Always push back first, then trim.

Next, trim your nails carefully (avoiding trimming too close to the quick) and smooth them off with a file.

4. Add More Moisture

Now that you’ve rid yourself of winter buildup and thick skin, it’s time to add more moisture. You want that soft look for your sandals, so it’s time to feed the skin what it needs to appear its best.

We recommend our Body Repair Lotion, as it’s full of natural oils with essential fatty acids that penetrate to moisturize even the deeper layers of the skin. It’s also got calendula, aloe, and natural extracts that help tame inflammation and calm irritated skin.

Whatever you use, make sure it has natural ingredients that will nourish the skin on your feet. You have several months to wear sandals, and exposing your feet to the air will cause them to dry out more quickly, so invest in a quality moisturizer that will really protect your feet.

Once you have your moisturizer, use it after every shower and bath, before your skin is completely dry, and every night before bed.

5. Color, Treat, and Protect

Your feet are now ready for your favorite nail polish. You can do it yourself or get a pedicure. If you do your own, be sure to apply a clear protective coat both before and after your color. It will help keep the color longer and protect the nails underneath.

Whether you color or not, use this time to evaluate your feet. What else do they need? If your heels are still rough, make a plan to treat them every night for the next couple weeks. Our award-winning Restorative Skin Balm and a couple of light cotton socks overnight can do the trick. You can also use natural butters and oils. Be consistent with application and your heels will start to look better.

Next, protect your feet when you go out. If you’re wearing sandals, rub a bit of sunscreen on the tops of your feet first. Then make a point to take a small bottle with you. Your feet perspire during the day, and the sunscreen will wear off within a couple hours. Particularly if you’re going to be outside for any length of time at all, sunscreen is key to avoid those unsightly red burns between your sandal straps!

Finally, get into the habit of treating yourself to a nice foot soak about once a week through the summer. Follow with the tips we’ve outlined here and you’ll be looking for more sandals just to show off those pretty feet!

How do you prepare your feet for summer sandals?

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