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Help Us Get CV Skinlabs Products to Those Who Need Them In Hospitals and Cancer Centers! Be Part of the Change

+ Pamela Friedman

I have a new goal-and I’m hoping all CV Skinlabs readers will help me achieve it, because really, it’s about all of us. We’re launching a new crowdfunding campaign on April 10, 2013, to help create change. Go there now to see our new video!

Did you know?

  • We all have measurable levels of hormone-disrupting phthalates in our bodies, but women have more of them, most likely because of personal care products?
  • The average woman wears over 500 chemicals a day?
  • Even teen girls have makeup chemicals in their blood and urine?
  • People with sensitive skin are much more likely to experience painful and irritating reactions to harsh chemicals in personal care products?

Cancer patients suffer painful, burning rashes. It’s shocking to find a high-end, so-called “sensitive cream” actually irritates skin even further, and  it also had ingredients linked to cancer and hormone disruption!

Enough is enough. It’s time we demanded better for ourselves, our friends and loved ones. We’ve taken the first step by creating CV Skinlabs, a skin care line that’s 100% free of potentially dangerous chemicals and has been clinically proven to repair sensitive skin and restore radiance. But now I want get these products out to those people who need them, and for that, I need your help.

I know you’ve been there, too, where someone you cared about suffered from redness, inflammation, and even confidence issues because of skin conditions-and then struggled even more trying to find safe, natural and effective solutions for them.

The search is over. After years of research and hard work, the products are here, and now it’s time to get them out to the people who need them. To that end, we here at CV Skinlabs are running our first ever crowdfunding project starting April 11th, 2013, in an effort to raise $65,000.

We would be honored if you would contribute what you can. Contributions start at only $10, and in return, you’ll receive rewards like CV Skinlabs products, a signed copy of my book, t-shirts, my book When Cancer Hits, or even an individualized “detoxing your personal care product session” with me via Skype.

It’s NOT Just About Skincare. It’s About Creating CHANGE

It’s easy to lend your voice to our efforts. Just go to our crowdfunding page at    and contribute what you can between April 11th and May 8th, 2013. You’ll find all the information you need there, plus a list of details on our rewards.

No contribution is too small-even $10 will help us out! We will lovingly honor your name and the spirit of your contribution at our headquarters in New York City.

Most of us know how frustrating it can be to struggle with sensitive skin. Others of us have relatives with cancer who deserve to have access to skin care that doesn’t further aggravate their fragile hands, face, and body. And all of us deserve to have products that don’t put our health at risk.

Join our skin care revolution today, and add your voice to the many around our nation pushing for lasting change!

Go to our crowdfunding page now at, and contribute whatever support you can. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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