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Fashion After Breast Cancer: Dressing Your Post-Op Physique

+ CV Skinlabs Team

Do you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear after undergoing a recent surgery for cancer? Like most women, you may feel uncomfortable with the effect breast cancer can have on your body, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Not only are there many women dealing with the same wardrobe issues on a daily basis, but there are a wide range of tips and tricks to help you deal with the problem.

To begin with, one of the most difficult (and painful) tasks to tackle after a lumpectomy is finding the right bra to wear. Many doctors would recommend wearing a sports bra after an invasive procedure, but the fighters at Cancer Compass message boards recommend “finding a bra that is comfortable for you now, removing any wiring and stitching, and remodeling the straps so they don’t pinch sensitive areas.” Many women recommend contacting a local Reach For Recovery program (to help find the best bra possible), or checking out post-mastectomy lingerie and bras available from the Wear Ease brand.

What do you wear if you’ve already had a mastectomy or are dealing with asymmetry in your breasts? We personally love the clothing line Chikara, which was designed specifically for women dealing with breast-cancer-related bodily concerns, who want to feel confident and beautiful after their operation. We also recommend the Confident Clothing Company, which was established for patients in recovery who want to feel…well, confident! Although there are limited amounts of garments available, each item was designed specifically to keep mastectomy-related drains in place, while concealing them completely. Fashionable and functional? Sounds perfect to us!

For more ideas on dressing after breast cancer, please read the article Fashion Hints After Your Mastectomy, or message board opinions on cancer clothing lines at the My Breast Cancer Network website.

Do you have any tips or tricks for dressing after breast cancer? How do you make yourself feel confident through clothing? Please share your ideas, opinions and advice!

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