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Why You Should Take CoQ10 for Skin

If you’re not taking the supplement CoQ10, now may be the time to start. This vitamin-like compound exists naturally in the body, but as we age we tend to produce less of it. That’s not good news, because according to recent scientific research, low levels of CoQ10 can exacerbate premature aging, leading to wrinkles, sagging,

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Why We Urge You to Say “No” to Petrolatum

Here at CV Skinlabs, we’ve often talked about avoiding mineral oil and other petrolatum-based products in skin care products. But we’ve noticed that many over-the-counter skin care products—even some advertised as being “natural” and good for your skin—still contain these ingredients. Maybe your grandmother swears by her Vaseline jelly (which is petroleum jelly), or you

Skin, Lip and Body Care + Toxic Talk and Labels

One Reason You May Want to Avoid Swimming in the Ocean

If you live by the ocean or you’re planning to spend some vacation time near one this summer, you may be tempted to go swimming in those wild waters. A recent study, however, suggests you should use caution. First, A Recap on the Skin’s Microbiome We talked about the skin’s microbiome in a previous post.

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What is “Inflammaging” and How Can It Harm Your Skin?

Have you heard of the term “inflammaging?” It’s a new buzzword in the beauty industry and refers to chronic, low-grade inflammation that is associated with age-related changes in the body’s tissues—including the skin. Though inflammaging affects the entire body, we wanted to explain in particular how it affects the skin, and what you can do