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Moisturizer in Hot Weather
Skin, Lip and Body Care

Why Skin Still Needs a Moisturizer In Hot Weather

“I don’t need a moisturizer in hot weather,” you may say. “My skin is oily enough!” It’s true that many people with oily skin will notice more oil in the hot summer months. That may lead you to believe that it’s best to put away the moisturizer until the weather cools off again. But that

Pregnancy-Safe Skincare
Skin, Lip and Body Care

Pregnancy-Safe Skincare: What You Should Know

If you’re looking for pregnancy-safe skincare, we can help. You know that what you put on your skin can absorb into the bloodstream, where it could make its way to the developing fetus. That’s why it’s important to be particularly careful while you’re pregnant to choose only safe skincare products. We are often asked if

Save Money On Skincare
Skin, Lip and Body Care

10 Ways to Save Money On Skincare (and Still Get Great Results)

Do you know how to save money on skincare without sacrificing results? Everyone is trying to find ways to save a few pennies these days. While it’s always good to spend less, with rising inflation rates, it’s become even more important to most of us. Unfortunately, often the first thing to go when money gets

Summer Glow
Skin, Lip and Body Care

How to Get That Youthful Summer Glow—Without Makeup!

Is it possible to get that coveted summer glow without using makeup? It’s not only possible, it’s the best way to create healthy, vibrant skin. Here are eight steps you can take to do just that. Summer Glow Tip #1: Exfoliate Your Skin The skin is constantly renewing itself. That means that as dead skin

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