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Psoriasis + Rosacea and Flushing

How to Prevent Holiday Stress from Getting Under Your Skin

Are you feeling it? The holidays are nearly upon us, and that means you may be feeling higher-than-normal levels of stress. Stress can affect you anytime, but surveys show it tends to rise at this time of year. We don’t want to add to it, but here’s something you may not have known: all that

Skin, Lip and Body Care + Toxic Talk and Labels

Could Your Smartphone and Computer be Harming Your Skin?

We stare at them for hours every day: our smartphones and computers. What we don’t think about is the fact that they are staring back. Smartphones, tablets, and computers all emit light rays whenever they’re turned on. One of those light waves is blue light, and recent research suggests that this particular color may have

Skin, Lip and Body Care

12 Important Messages Your Skin is Trying To Send You

Your skin is sending you messages every day. It tells you when it’s dry, irritated, or inflamed. It lets you know that you’re getting older, or that you didn’t get enough sleep last night. And unfortunately, it also tends to make it plainly visible when you’re stressed out. Most of the time, you probably wish

Skin, Lip and Body Care

Does Salt Therapy Work for Skin Conditions?

Beauty insiders are buzzing about what seems like a “new” skin treatment, but actually has its roots in a very old treatment. It’s called “salt therapy,” and it’s being lauded for all kinds of rejuvenating, anti-aging, stress-relieving, and even eczema-soothing benefits. Can sitting in salt really do all this? We decided to look into it.