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Tired? Spent? Get Dr. Frank Lipman’s Book-It Changed My Whole Way of Living!

Do you feel like you’re always battling against fatigue and a lack of energy? Is the stress of daily life wearing away at your digestive system, joint health, and mood? Have you missed work lately because of back pain, stomachaches, or just that feeling that you couldn’t go on another day? In today’s culture, a

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Reduce Your Toxic Load Series: How to Detox Your Fridge

As you work to reduce your exposure to dangerous toxins all around you, you may have neglected to think about your refrigerator. Here, two types of toxins may be present-those in your food, and those in your food containers. Let’s look at how you can rid your fridge of both! Potentially Toxic Food Containers Before

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Which Cosmetic Procedures are Safe, and Which Are Best Avoided?

People always ask me-whether in person, on my blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter-what the safest cosmetic procedures are. Here are my thoughts on some of the most common and popular cosmetic procedures, just in case you were considering any of them! Botox, Liposuction, and Lasers: My Botox Warning According to a recent U.S. review

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Reduce Your Toxic Load Series: Detox Your Bathroom and Bathroom Cabinets

Have you looked in your bathroom cabinets lately? I mean, really looked? Most likely you’ve got toxins in there you haven’t even thought about. We’ve got enough potentially harmful chemicals surrounding us in the everyday world-we don’t need more stewing away in our homes. To clean up your bathroom cabinet, try the following tips. Air

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