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Breast Cancer + CV Skinlabs Recommendations

Women, Going Through Chemotherapy? Tips to Bring Back the Glow and Look Great This Holiday!

Think because you’re going through chemotherapy you can’t look good this holiday? Think again! This isn’t the time to stay home and hide. You need the interaction with your friends and family to remind yourself that you are still valued and loved, and to get your mind off your cancer treatments. Still, I know how

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10 Ways to Enjoy a Green, Non-Toxic Thanksgiving

Its obvious consumers around the world are getting smarter about going green, and are looking to buy more environmentally friendly and sustainable products. We’re also growing more aware of the waste we’re creating each year, and trying to cut back on the amount of things we’re throwing out. As I’m sure you know, the holidays

CV Skinlabs Recommendations + Great Cancer Organizations

Cancer Survivors-Trying to Find Your New Normal After Treatments are Over? Join Terri Wingham on a trip to New Delhi and Restart Your Life!

Would you like to join volunteer Terri Wingham at the Taj Mahal in February 2013? If you’re a cancer survivor interested in getting a new start on life, you may be one of the people Terri is looking for. Founder of the non-profit organization “A Fresh Chapter,” Terri is a breast cancer survivor who had

CV Skinlabs Recommendations

Miss Representation-How the Media is Distorting Our View of Women as Leaders, and How It's Impacting You!

A couple weekends ago a girlfriend and I got together to watch the documentary called “Miss Representation.” I’m telling you, whether you’re a man or a woman, you need to watch this film. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and it’s been causing a movement ever since. This film impacted me

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