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'THINK' Yourself Well + Skin, Lip and Body Care

The Beauty Benefits of Generosity

I met two people in the last week that got me thinking. The first was a middle-aged woman who was in front of me in line at the grocery store. She had brown hair cut in a bob, and was wearing a puffy winter coat. She noticed I had only a couple things in my

Skin, Lip and Body Care

7 Ways to Manage Winter Skin Itch

You’re in a meeting, and you can’t help it. Your shin itches. You have to reach down and scratch. You nearly hit your chin on the table and the boss looks at you funny. How can you explain the problem of winter skin itch? It attacks us in the cold winter months. It’s all that

Hair Care + Skin, Lip and Body Care

7 Ways to Wake Up Looking Beautiful

Most of us hate how we look first thing in the morning. Hair all over the place, eyes puffy and bleary, skin dull and dry, hands rough, etc. We rush to the bathroom to fix it all as quickly as we can! There are some things you can do, though, to improve the situation. Wouldn’t

Eczema and Dermatitis + Psoriasis

5 Winter Skin Emergencies & CV Winter Skin Savers!

Dry, cold air. Wind. Snow. Cold temperatures. Hot water. Radiating heat. All of these factors and more are typical during the winter season, but they’re also all horrible for your skin. Most of us have to deal with a little dryness around this time of year, but some of us have even more serious winter

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