A Cancer Survival Journey

Would You Shave your Head for me?

+ CV Skinlabs Team

It’s been a long but very fulfilling week for me! I was down in Boynton Beach, Florida for a great cancer fundraiser on St. Patrick’s Day called “St. Baldrick’s.” As their tagline says, “Shaving the Way to Conquer Kids Cancer” is exactly what went on at this event. Numerous men (and a few women) shaved their heads in solidarity with children fighting cancer, requesting donations of support from friends and family. In 2008, more than 27,000 volunteers shaved their heads (2,400 women!) and over $15 million was raised by St. Baldrick’s volunteers. Great job and we had such a good time!

Now I know many of you may not want to shave your heads but if you’re feeling generous and would like to make a difference, you can donate some of your locks to make wigs for cancer patients. I’m calling all the women here! Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hair pieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from hair loss due to medical reasons. There’s a step-by-step video on the site as to how the hair should be cut and all the requirements to donate. It’s a wonderful cause and an invaluable way to make a difference and give someone the gift of hair. If you’re a cancer fighter or survivor, you know the devastation that can go with losing your hair. (Click here to read my post on when I lost my hair during treatment.)

Please share your stories about hair loss, donating hair or shaving to raise funds for cancer.

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