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Why Skin Care is the Perfect Gift for Dad

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Did you know that June is men’s health month?

It’s also when we celebrate Father’s Day, so I say, why not combine the two?

Why not this year, instead of the standard tie, socks, or technological gadgets (he has enough of those already, right?), you choose to give Dad (or brother or partner) something that will affect his everyday life in a good way?

That something is skin care, but not just because we’re crazy about skin care.

Men may imagine themselves to be tough, but their skin is just as vulnerable to sun damage, aging, and dryness as women’s is. When spending a day on the golf course, playing tennis, or just putting in a few hours work in the yard, men’s skin is vulnerable to UV rays and environmental assaults. A good sunscreen and moisturizing lotion, as well as a quality after-sun treatment, can go a long way toward making men more comfortable in their own skin.

Men are also more concerned about their appearance these days. They’re not any happier about wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and sagging and bagging than we are. But they may not be as educated about what they can do to delay it, or to make themselves look younger and more vibrant.

That means we can step up and give them something they may not expect, but that they will benefit from for months to come. Why not give it a try and see what they think?

10 Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

  1. Sunscreen: Research shows that men older than 50 have a higher risk of developing serious melanoma than the general population, and that invasive melanoma is projected to be the fifth most common cancer for men this year (2016). You know your guy will just grab whatever’s on the shelf for sunscreen, but many of these contain potentially toxic ingredients. Give him the gift of zinc oxide, preferably in a formula that includes natural moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants that will also protect skin.
  2. Quality sunglasses: Eye doctors will tell you that the sun is enemy number-one when it comes to eye health. It can speed development of cataracts, and may also increase risk of other eye diseases like macular degeneration. Look for broad-spectrum lenses that are large enough to provide quality protection.
  3. Cooling spray: Most aftershave lotions are full of alcohol, which is drying to the skin and accelerates aging. We suggest you drop a Rescue + Relief Spray in your Father’s Day basket, as it makes the perfect natural aftershave, and also does double duty as an anti-redness spray-great for soothing chaffing and sunburn.
  4. Gentle cleanser: Many men grew up using harsh soaps to cleanse their skin. We women know that these bars are drying and aging. Look for a natural, gentle cleanser instead that you can add to your basket. Those that are made without sulfates, alcohols, and fragrances are best.
  5. Moisturizer: Does your guy shy away from moisturizer, thinking it’s too feminine? Point out the dryness on his skin, and explain how that dryness can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. We’d suggest you include a Calming Moisture in your basket, as it’s fragrance-free so it won’t bowl him over with perfumes, and it’s deeply nourishing with natural ingredients like aloe vera and oat extract. No matter which moisturizer you choose, look for fragrance-free, and truly moisturizing ingredients that will make a difference on skin, like shea butter, natural oils, and triglycerides.
  6. Anti-aging treatment: Men are more concerned about how they look these days. Many fear that their younger-looking counterparts will pass them by in the workplace. That’s why you may be surprised to find that a gift of an anti-aging treatment is truly appreciated. Think eyes first-most men are worried about undereye dark spots and fine lines around the eyes.
  7. Skin balm: Men often struggle with dryness, calluses, and cracks and other wounds on their hands. Your regular lotion may not help much, so choose a rich, moisturizing balm to help soothe the irritation and encourage healing. We recommend our award-winning Restorative Skin Balm, but whatever you choose, look for something thick and natural that will easily penetrate skin without feeling greasy, and that will actually make a difference on those dry, rough patches.
  8. After sun soother: Much as we try to remind them, men often forget to apply sunscreen, and end up burned. That’s why a good after-sun soother goes great in your Father’s Day basket of goods. Our Rescue + Relief Spray is very effective for cooling the burn (especially if you keep it in the refrigerator), and after applying, it’s good to follow up with a soothing body moisturizer. (See our next item.)
  9. Body lotion: Most men have to be convinced to use body lotion. You can start by suggesting it after a sunburn. Our Body Repair Lotion is great for this, as it absorbs quickly but is ultra-soothing and hydrating, helping skin to heal more quickly after a burn. It also helps extend a tan, which may be another way you can convince your guy to use it. But even if you don’t choose this product, getting him in the habit of using body lotion is a good thing, as moisturized skin is healthier, and better able to resist drying, flaking, and aging.
  10. Self-tanner: I used to buy self tanner for my dad when he was going through cancer. He had to go to the office every day and he felt that with a bit of a bronze glow, he looked better. (He didn’t want to look sick.) Getting a good self-tanner for the man in your life may help to persuade him to be more careful of his skin in the sun. I like this one from Vita Liberata.

Will you be giving your father (or son or partner) skin care this Father’s Day? Please share any tips you may have.

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