Britta's Cancer Survival Journey

Welcome to my blog!

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From left to right: My brother, Javier Jr.; my mother, Brigitta; me; and my later father, Javier.

Full Disclosure: Up until a couple of months ago, I didn’t even know what a blog really was, but here I am- finally!  I am very excited to share my life (as a cancer fighter, survivor and caregiver), my vision and dreams, and all the projects we have lined up for Cinco Vidas.  As many of you know, I am the founder of CINCO VIDAS INC. Cinco Vidas is a lifestyle brand of products and services that focuses on enhancing the way we live with cancer and ultimately, survive it.

Why the name, “Cinco Vidas?” It means “five lives” in Spanish. Since my heritage is Mexican, the Spanish had a particularly meaningful ring. My father graciously fought cancer for 7 years before he passed away on August 7, 2007. Five times my father went into remission, and five times he renewed his commitment to life before he passed. Cinco Vidas exists in his honor. (click on the about page to learn more).

This blog is the first Cinco Vidas project to come into existence.  Through the words written here,  I hope to communicate the ways my father and I lived through our cancer, learned from it and survived it. Articles on nutrition, medical studies, holistic therapies, beauty care, personal growth, stress and coping, fitness, skincare, and more will be available for reading and comment. I will write about all the things  important to me like toxins in skincare as well as topics not easily addressed about the disease. Feel free to browse  these pages to learn more about Cinco Vidas, our experts and our cancer partners.

My hope is that the fighter, survivor and caregiver use the Cinco Vidas Blog to find information, share experiences and gather encouragement from the published stories.  I welcome all your comments and stories. I want to thank my husband Husayn, my brother Javier Jr., my mother Brigitta,  my friends, family and the Cinco Vidas team for supporting me through this journey!!

Love, Strength and Survival,