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Toxic Talk and Labels

Target, One of the World's Biggest Retailers, Sets New Policy for Safety and Reduction of Chemicals in Personal Care

Guess what, Cinco Vidas readers? We’re witnessing a domino effect in the personal care market, and I bet a lot of you have been a part of it. When you choose to spend your hard-earned dollars on products that are safe, nourishing, and natural, you send a clear message to those companies that are using

Skin, Lip and Body Care + Toxic Talk and Labels

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Finds “Hidden” Ingredients in Fragrances

A few weeks ago, our friends at Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) urged corporations to list the ingredients used in their fragrances. Since most companies simply put “fragrance” on their labels, there’s no way we can find out what chemicals were used to create that fragrance-and there could be hundreds of them. Now, the

'THINK' Yourself Well + Toxic Talk and Labels

8 Ways to Detox Physically and Mentally Every Day

Even if you’ve decided to try to reduce the number of toxins in your life, you may find it a bit challenging. All that label reading and research is one thing, but then you probably have daily challenges like your morning commute in the smog, your exposure to fluorescent lights and flu germs in the

Toxic Talk and Labels

Energy-Saving Light Bulbs Emit Carcinogenic Toxins When Switched On

A lot of us have made efforts in our personal lives to save energy. One of the easiest adjustments has been to buy energy-saving light bulbs-those twisty shaped alternatives that use less electricity and last longer, all in the name of saving our planet’s valuable resources.