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Breast Cancer + Toxic Talk and Labels

The FDA Says They’re Safe, but Can Parabens Cause Breast Cancer?

We mentioned in an earlier post the study that found parabens in the breast tissue of women with breast cancer.

Toxic Talk and Labels

Extending the Life of Beauty Products: Which Preservatives are Safe?

We’ve been talking a lot about preservatives lately, mainly, about how they can be harmful to your health and how some have carcinogenic properties.

Make-up + Toxic Talk and Labels

Makeup Ingredients Found in Your Daughter’s Blood Test? It’s Happening!

Can you imagine how you would feel if doctors took a blood test and found chemicals?

Hair Care + Toxic Talk and Labels

You Style and Wash Your Wig… Did You Know There Are Paraben-Free Wig-Styling Products?

If you’re avoiding cosmetic or personal-care products that contain toxic chemicals while dealing with cancer…did you ever think about what you put on your wig?