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Breast Cancer + Toxic Talk and Labels

Toxic Alert: BPA and Methylparaben May Interfere with Breast Cancer Treatment

California researchers have discovered that two chemicals found in products most people use every day may interfere with the effectiveness of the drug Tamoxifen. Many women take Tamoxifen to treat breast cancer, so I wanted to alert all my readers: If you’re on Tamoxifen, you need to be even more alert to these two chemicals.

Breast Cancer + Toxic Talk and Labels

More Chemicals Than I Thought in Komen's New Perfume, "Promise Me"

I was recently contacted by a representative from Breast Cancer Action, a grassroots education and advocacy organization located in San Francisco that serves as a watchdog agency for the breast cancer movement. BCAction launched “Think Before You Pink” in 2002 to call for more accountability by companies that take part in breast cancer fundraising. Their

Breast Cancer + Toxic Talk and Labels

Toxic Alert: Pesticides Triple Breast Cancer Risk?

You know pesticides are in our food supply, and you know they’re not good for our health. But even I was surprised when I heard about this Canadian study. Results showed that pesticides seriously increase your risk of breast cancer. Study Details Granted, most of us aren’t exposed to the levels of pesticides that these

Breast Cancer

96% Think Breast Cancer Awareness Month has Been Successful-Is It True?

The results of a recent USA Today/Gallop Poll show that overall, Americans feel that October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been successful in making people aware of the disease, and the majority still want to help contribute to the cause by buying pink products meant to help support research. I think this says a lot