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Best and Worst Thanksgiving Foods for Your Skin

Thanksgiving is a holiday that definitely focuses on food. Your mouth may already be watering in anticipation of sinking your teeth into some of your favorites. Will you go for the traditional turkey, ham, or vegan option? Pile up the sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, or mashed potatoes and gravy? Whatever your

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How to Keep Skin Looking Great When Traveling to Another Climate

We’re smack in the middle of vacation season, which means you may soon be jetting off to another location, perhaps with an entirely different climate. You’re probably thinking of all the sights you’re going to see and the fun you’re going to have, but we encourage you to think of one more thing: your skin.

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Why Healthy Skin is More Important Than Pretty Skin

Here at CV Skinlabs, we often talk about the importance of healthy skin. The skin is the largest organ we have, and just like the heart, lungs, and stomach, it requires nutrients and care to perform optimally. In today’s modern world of selfies and video chats, however, it’s easy to get wrapped up more in

Skin, Lip and Body Care

If It Says “Irritant-Free” Skin Care, Can You Trust It?

Have you heard about “irritant-free” skin care? It’s a fairly new buzzword, but what does it mean, exactly? And is this something you should be looking for when you do your skin care shopping? What is Irritant-Free Skin Care? This word has come about in response to consumers’ desire for more natural and safe skin