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Toxic Talk and Labels

Kids Suffering “Pandemic” of Brain Damage from Chemicals-Study

Those of you who regularly read my posts here know how passionate I am about reducing our toxic exposure. But I just read the results of a new study and it’s got me even more upset than usual! That’s because this time, the study is talking about how the millions of chemicals that surround us

Toxic Talk and Labels

Think Twice Before Eating ADA-Laden Breads and Pastries

In January 2014, Vani Hari, creator of, petitioned Subway to stop using “azodicarbonamide” (ADA) in their breads. Long considered to be the “healthy” alternative to fast food, Subway has enjoyed a long stint as the chain with the healthy image. Even First Lady Michelle Obama has endorsed Subway for their “fresh” and “nutritious” meals.

Skin, Lip and Body Care + Toxic Talk and Labels

Why You May Want to Get a Shower Filter-and Stop Bathing in Chemicals

If you’ve ever gotten your hands or fingers in some Clorox chlorine bleach, you know what it feels like: the burning, the lasting dryness, the feeling like your skin is shrinking into your bones to get away, get away!

Eczema and Dermatitis + Psoriasis

Compromised Skin and Chemicals in Your Personal Care Products-A Dangerous Combination

Compromised skin is skin that’s had its outer layer damaged in some way, and can no longer hold onto moisture or protect from outside contaminants like pollution and bacteria as well as it once did.