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'THINK' Yourself Well + Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle

Britta's Book at a Glance: Chapter 4, Emotional Coping

Though your doctors may be mainly concerned with how cancer affects your physical body, you need to know that cancer also greatly affects your emotional self. During treatment, you may experience a large range of emotions, from elation to depression and relief to despair and more. You may have people around you encouraging you to

Your Cancer Fighting Journey

Britta's Book at a Glance: Chapter 3, "Five Ways to Lighten Your Toxic Load"

As a cancer fighter or survivor, most likely you’ve already been exposed to an overload of chemicals through chemotherapy and/or radiation. Surgery and drugs may have further assaulted your body with all sorts of toxins that your liver and kidneys and intestines and the rest of your organs have to do their best to process


Come to My Workshop in New Jersey or New York-Sign Up Now!

I want to invite all my readers to come to my upcoming workshops in both New Jersey and New York City. I’ll be talking about Safe Self-Care During Cancer, but even if you don’t have cancer, this workshop will have something useful for you. In today’s world, we’re all surrounded by chemicals, from our personal

Britta's Cancer Survival Journey + Skin, Lip and Body Care

Britta's Book at a Glance: Chapter 2, Your Skin is Fragile

If you’re going through cancer treatments, you know-it wreaks havoc on your skin. That’s why I devoted an entire chapter to skin care in my book, When Cancer Hits. Chapter 2 is all about your skin, and how chemotherapy, radiation, and medications dry it out, thin it out, and make it look dull and sickly.