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Breast Cancer + Nutrition

Breast Cancer Pain? Vitamin D May Help

Many patients going through treatment for breast cancer experience regular joint and muscle pain. One member on the discussion board described the hip pain she felt during treatment as hurting “like I was wearing a lead belt.” The problem with these types of pains is that regular over-the-counter painkillers may not help much. If

Breast Cancer + Great Cancer Organizations

Cancer Survivor and Photographer Donates Dream Weddings to Young Couples-You Could Win!

My good friend and colleague Morag Currin recently told me about a wonderful program in Colorado.

Breast Cancer + Toxic Talk and Labels

New Komen Perfume “Promise Me”-Pretty Toxic When You Read the Ingredient List

Would you buy a pretty bottle of perfume if you were promised that part of your purchase price would go to a well-known cancer organization, supposedly dedicated to helping find a cure for breast cancer?