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Simplify Your Skin Care Routine with Skip-Care—A New Beauty Trend

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When it comes to skin care, perhaps the most confusing thing is figuring out what products to use when.

Do you use your serum before or after your moisturizer? In the morning, at night or both? And what about your vitamin C solution, or your shea butter deep moisturizer? And if you have acne, where in your daily routine do you add those treatments? How about your anti-inflammatories? Where do those go?

To help relieve the confusion and make your skin care routine a lot simpler, Korean millennial have come up with a new process called “skip care.” Since Korean beauty has been popular for the last several years, we wanted to explore this new trend.

What is Skip Care?

According to a Korean brand AmorePacific representative who spoke to “,” skip-care is a method that “allows you to identify the essential ingredients for your skin and avoid the use of unnecessary products for a simpler, yet proper, skincare routine.”

The idea is to use fewer products to do the same work, without sacrificing results—literally, skipping products. It’s an idea that’s quickly catching on, as with all the new creams and serums and moisturizers and mists and ampules out there, many of us are simply overwhelmed and confused about what’s best for our skin.

In Korea, it was a particularly welcome idea because prior to this trend, the most popular Korean skin-care routines involved a long series of steps that could take a considerable amount of time. These steps usually included double cleansing, toning, emulsion, essence, treatments, masking, and several layers of moisturizers. No wonder young people were looking for relief!

Some refer to skip-care as a “cosmetics diet.” What can you let go of without hurting your skin? What can you combine? Skip-care demands all the benefits in fewer products, resulting in a skin-care routine that is easier, and also takes less time to do.

Korean manufacturers are already responding to the demand. They’re putting out hydrating creams that you can also use as toners. But it’s not just Korea that’s experiencing the shift—here in America, we’re longing for simpler times, too.

How to Apply Skip-Care to Your Skin Care Routine

We have brands here in the U.S. that are also responding to the skip-care trend. Many now produce products that can be mixed together and applied at one time, rather than layered. Others are finding ways to combine products so you can cut down on the number of bottles and jars you have in your medicine cabinet.

But you don’t have to change brands to enjoy the benefits of a skip-care routine. If you want to simplify your life when it comes to caring for your skin, try these three tips.

1. Combine makeup removal with cleansing.

Usually this is a two-step process—clean off the makeup with a cleansing wipe, then cleanse with a cream or lotion cleanser. But if you choose the right cleanser, you can combine these steps.

First, go with a cream, as you can let it sit on your face for a few minutes to help break down the makeup elements so they’re easier to wash away. Make sure it’s a gentle formula so it won’t harm your eyes, and that it’s suitably moisturizing so it won’t dry out your skin. Apply and let sit for about 60 seconds, then gently wipe away the makeup while cleansing at the same time. Rinse and you’re done.

2. Get rid of those products that aren’t helping.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve accumulated a good amount of skin care products over the years. Though you may be using some religiously, others may have sat in the back of your cabinet for a while now without being touched. Or, you may have some that you’re using, but haven’t created any real results for you.

Embrace skip-care by getting rid of those products or steps that aren’t helping your skin. Maybe you’re using aggressive acne products that yes, banish the pimples, but dry out your skin in the process. Maybe you have an extra moisturizer that you don’t really need, or three serums that could be combined into one.

Comb through your supply and make note of where you could cut back. Then move on to the next step.

3. Find multifunctional products.

Take a look at those three serums you have, make note of the ingredients in them, and then try to find one serum that has all the important ingredients you need. Look for a moisturizer that you can also use as a hydrating mask. (Our Calming Moisture is a great example of this type of moisturizer.) Or try a hydrating mister that also serves as a toner. (Our Rescue + Relief Spray is a good example.)

You can also find eye creams that are also serums, moisturizers that are also brighteners, and more. You may also want to try skipping your eye cream and simply using your regular moisturizer for your eyes, too (unless you need an eye cream to target puffiness or fine lines).

The trend is to combine products, so start looking for the ones that will work best for you.

We all have busy schedules and it can be hard to find the time you need to take good care of your skin. If you’ve been struggling with a large number of products, skip-care may be just the simplifying technique you need.

Have you tried skip care?

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