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Safe Product of the Month: Yes Pure Intimacy

+ Pamela Friedman

I’m excited to be working with Michelle Witherby from the O & N Collective to bring Cinco Vidas readers one safe product per month. Our featured product this month is Yes Pure Intimacy, an oil-based lubricant or massage oil. This is our first featured product of the month. Why did we choose this one? Here are a few great reasons.

Original packaging. Unlike many intimate products that you want to tuck away in a drawer somewhere, these discreet bottles can sit out in your room or bathroom and they won’t draw undue attention to themselves. “So many of us are worried when it comes to that department,” says Michelle. “This takes a level of uncomfortableness out of the game.”

No bad stuff in intimate places. I talk a lot in this blog about potentially harmful ingredients in personal care products. We don’t often think about the products we use the bedroom, though, and we should. I mean, talk about sensitive skin! Not only that, these products can get inside our bodies. Did you know that other lubricating products like K-Y Jelly and others may contain parabens, phthalates and hormone-disrupting ingredients? This Yes product is chemical- and preservative-free.

Great nourishing ingredients. In addition to what it doesn’t have, we love what this product does have. Two rich organic butters-cocoa butter and shea butter-provide great moisturizing properties, which is why this also doubles as a great massage oil. Organic sweet almond oil and sunflower oil create a silky texture, and the preservatives are natural-vitamin E and organic bees wax.

Safe for those with health concerns. Michelle and I have both spoken to a lot of women who have been affected by cancer, and many of them were particularly worried about the loss of intimacy in their lives. Chemotherapy, medications, and surgeries can all create changes in the body so that it no longer naturally lubricates. Of course these woman are understandably concerned about using regular lubricating products because of the questionable ingredients. This is one product we’re happy to recommend wholeheartedly to women who have been through cancer or who have sensitive skin concerns.

So if you’re looking for a natural, safe, and nourishing oil-based lubricant with many uses, give this product a try, then let us know how you like it!

Have you tried Yes Pure Intimacy? Please share your thoughts.

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