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Product Packaging: How To Keep Your Products Bacteria-Free

+ CV Skinlabs Team

If you fear that infections may arise from tiny bacteria lurking in your bathroom and personal-care products…your fear is justified. It’s not only important to take care of your skin during cancer treatment, but vital to take proper care of the products you use on a daily basis.

The article “Clean Up Your Beauty Routine” states that, “The bathroom is full of airborne microbes just waiting to delve into your favorite foundation or beauty product,” and stresses the importance of maintaining a clean environment whenever possible. Since your immune system is continually compromised during the fight against cancer, begin avoiding contamination from common germs, bacteria and infectants by adopting simple (sterile) beauty habits.

Decrease contamination by using only products that come in a tube or with a pump (ideally air-less pumps), and keep ingredients fresh by storing out of direct sunlight at all times. Try to stop using jars whenever possible (even pots of lip balm). Because you have to frequently dip your fingers into them, they become breeding grounds for bacteria. To keep active ingredients fresh (and therefore more effective), expose products to air only for short periods of time, and store them in a dark, dry place like a closet or dresser drawer. Although it may seem convenient to leave products on your sink or countertop, the steam from daily showers can lessen ingredient effectiveness, so choose a safer place.

It’s equally imperative to wash your hands whenever applying anything to your skin, and wipe down the surface of beauty products after every use. (Try a natural, toxin-free sanitizer like Clean Well Natural Hand Sanitizer.) Keeping your hands, products, and surrounding bathroom environment as sterile as possible will help decrease your exposure to harmful germs and everyday toxins.

* How do you keep your products stored at home? Please share your favorite toxin-free tips, tricks or suggestions!

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