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O & N Collective and CV Skinlabs Contest Giveaway for a Good Cause: Helping Breast Cancer Survivor Start a Volunteer Non-Profit

+ Pamela Friedman

A couple weeks ago, I published a post on breast cancer survivor Terri Wingham and her efforts to raise enough money to start her new non-profit organization for cancer fighters and survivors. Several of you have since donated to this cause-thank you! Terri still needs more funds to finish her trip, however, and I’m hoping the Cinco Vidas community can help.

Why is Terri Traveling Around the World?

I asked Terri to explain:

First of all, I’m doing the groundwork for my new non-profit organization, “Fresh Chapter Foundation,” which will help cancer fighters and survivors volunteer internationally. Since I did this myself after finishing breast cancer treatments and experienced firsthand the way it changed my life, I’m convinced other fighters and survivors will benefit as well.

How does volunteering abroad help?

Getting away where you have the opportunity to care for others instead of having to be cared for gives you a good dose of perspective. When we see people who struggle to feed their families and have no access to basic healthcare, it reminds us how lucky we are to have the opportunity to rebuild our lives in North America. It also introduces us to other volunteers and survivors who have no expectations for us to “get back to normal,” which gives us the space we need to really recover. Best of all, it gives us a chance to write a new story for our lives about something other than cancer.

Why is Terri on This Adventure of Hope?

This six-month, five-continent trip will lay the groundwork for the future Fresh Chapter Foundation by giving me the chance to fully review seven different international volunteer organizations and form long-term partnerships with only those companies who have ethical volunteer practices, extensive in-country support, and excellent safety records.

My dream for the Fresh Chapter Foundation is to help hundreds (if not thousands) of cancer survivors select, fundraise, and prepare for their own international volunteer trips. As more survivors join me on the road, I hope to start a movement of adventure after cancer, of service to our brothers and sisters around the world, of cultural exchange and understanding, and most importantly, of walking through our fears and writing a new story for our future.

What Has Terri Experienced So Far?

Terri’s has completed about half her planned trip. What has she experienced so far?

Since I left Canada two months ago, I’ve volunteered at a playgroup for children with cancer in Vietnam, and fed, nurtured, and shared time with physically and mentally challenged women at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying and the Destitute in India.

Over the next four months, I’ll support children at an orphanage in Rwanda, share ideas with a breast cancer support group in Tanzania, speak English to Spanish business people in Madrid, volunteer at an orphanage in Cusco, work at a water filtration plant in Peru, and teach English to children at an under-funded after-school support program in Costa Rica. I’ll then share these experiences on my new Fresh Chapter website to help other survivors select the best volunteer program to meet their needs for healing.

Terri Needs Your Help with the African Portion of Her Trip!

Terri’s birthday is coming up on March 22nd. On March 13th, she flies to Rwanda and will spend her birthday volunteering with kids at an orphanage outside of the capital city of Kigali. She told me she can’t think of a better way to celebrate! Next, she’ll travel to Tanzania to volunteer at the only oncology hospital there.

Although she’s booked her flights in and out of Africa on her own frequent flyer points, she still needs help. I personally want the Fresh Chapter Foundation to become a reality, so I would like to help Terri with the funds for this portion of her trip. Would you join me in donating $25 or more? (See below to see where the funds will go.) You’ll be entered in a drawing for a luxury safe-self-care basket of goodies, valued at $190! My good friend Michelle Witherby at O & N Collective and CV Skinlabs (my new skincare line launching March 15th) have donated the products.

Terri’s upcoming expenses:

Taxes on Points Seat


Flights Within Africa


Flight Lima – Cusco – Lima – San Jose



On The Ground Expenses – Africa






Ground Transportation


Visa for Rwanda and Zanzibar



Total Funds Needed in March/April


How You Can Donate-and Enter Our Drawing for FREE Safe Self-Care Products

To enter our drawing, please donate $25 or more by clicking here. After you’ve made your donation, please leave a comment below this blog post stating:

  1. You’ve donated! (You don’t have to specify the amount.)
  2. Where you’d like your money to go. Please choose one:
  • Terri’s flights,
  • Terri’s accommodations, or
  • Terri’s other expenses, such as food and ground transportation.

We’ll then enter your name in the drawing to win the following-donated by Michelle Witherby at O&N Collective (follow her on Twitter @organicconetssa), Cinco Vidas, and CV Skinlabs (launching March 15th)

Luxury self-care package (valued at $190)


Please hurry! Our drawing closes March 21st at 12 midnight EST. The winner will be announced on March 22nd-Terri’s birthday!

And if you want to help get the word out, please share our mission on Facebook and Twitter with your followers and readers!

Thank you all so much! I feel so inspired helping Terri, and I know together, we can make this happen!