Mineral Makeup: A Great Alternative for Compromised and Sensitive Skin

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You’ve probably heard the buzz around mineral makeup, and for good reasons. Your favorite brands of regular foundation and makeup may not be as glamorous as you think-they may actually be loaded with toxic chemicals that can be harmful to compromised skin. Although many cancer fighters and survivors are tempted to cover up with their longtime favorites, we encourage you to switch to mineral-based makeup because of the decreased risk of toxic exposure.

The “Lowdown on Mineral Makeup” explains that mineral makeups are created from finely ground natural minerals (from the earth), and are generally free of chemicals, dyes and/or preservatives. Although normal cosmetic foundations and eye shadows use fillers and dyes to achieve their texture, mineral makeup strives to eliminate skin irritants like fragrances and synthetic dyes and use anti-inflammatory materials (like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) for a more natural product. (Read more about toxic skincare products at “Toxins and Skincare 101: How Safe Are The Products We’re Using?“)

Although mineral-makeup fans love its claims of sun protection (and some brands like Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation have the Skin Cancer Seal of Approval for sunscreen), experts disagree on its effectiveness. “It’s better than nothing,” says dermatologist, Kathryn Frew, “but mineral foundations should only be used as an added boost [of sun protection].” Since makeup tends to break down in patches throughout the day (leaving delicate skin exposed), always use a toxin-free form of sunscreen to protect from sun exposure. We like Soleo Organics SPF 30.

Aside from the seemingly more natural list of ingredients (and slight boost in sun protection), how safe is makeup if you’re recovering from cancer or avoiding toxic ingredients? According to Mineral Makeup Review, “The low instance of sensitivity and natural camouflaging properties [of mineral makeup] makes it a perfect choice for cancer patients and women recovering from surgery.” Yet, despite the fact that mineral makeups actually come from the “earth” (because the ingredients are mined from naturally occurring materials), it’s important to remember that not every product or brand is as “pure” as it may seem. Always check the label before purchasing, to ensure that toxic ingredients or fillers (like fragrances and dyes) have not been added. We love the formulas from Jane Iredale, Evan’s Garden and the organic makeup from Physician’s Formula. Because your skin may be drier than usual, try liquid-mineral foundations and cover-ups instead of powders.

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