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Find Out the Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry In "The Story of Cosmetics"

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Tuesday night, July 20th, I was so excited to attend the world launch of the short, online film, The Story of Cosmetics. Hosted by Mia Davis from Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, this very important and exciting event was also attended by actress Fran Drescher and many others concerned about safety in personal care products. Why? This short little 7-minute film helps expose the ugly truth about the beauty industry.

Produced by Free Range Studios and created by activist and filmmaker Annie Leonard (author of The Story of Stuff), this film conveys the message we’ve been delivering to you over the last couple years at Cinco Vidas-that the chemical ingredients in your shampoo, lipstick, and aftershave can potentially cause health damage like asthma, cancer, and learning disabilities. Further, that the personal care industry takes advantage of loopholes in the law to continue to use questionable ingredients in their products.

“Using her distinctive style of storytelling and animation,” writes Dara Olmsted of “The Green Blog,” “Leonard looks into what our cosmetics and bathroom products are made of (often toxic and untested chemicals) and why this is allowed in the U.S….Leonard pushes the precautionary principle-it’s best to err on the side of caution, especially when less than 20% of these chemicals have been tested for safety and there have been very few tests to determine how they interact with each other in our bodies.”

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