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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 4 Types of Dads

+ CV Skinlabs Team

What to get dad for Father’s Day?

It can be a difficult question to answer, so we want to help.

Below, match your dad to one of our four types to get custom-made suggestions.

Of course, your dad may have a little of all three of these in him, but usually one stands out more than the others. Which one sounds most like the dad in your life?

1. The Stressed-Out Dad

Some dads put in way too many hours at work, and then put in just as many hours around the house, too. If your dad is running a bit ragged, try these suggestions:

  • Shower Head: The shower may be the only place Dad can truly relax, so get him a showerhead that has massage and pulsing options so he can take at least a few minutes to ease those tight muscles.
  • Face Scrub: Stress can show up on the skin, too, making Dad look dull and older. Get him a face scrub that will help him shed that dead skin and emerge feeling refreshed. Look for those with natural and organic ingredients.
  • CV Traveler: This kit gives dad everything he needs for skin and after-shave care, so he doesn’t have to think about it. Whether he’s traveling or not, this gift can make his mornings a little easier and faster.
  • Chore Takeover: Give Dad the gift of a little time off from some of his chores by taking them over yourself. Offer to mow the lawn, fix the things that are broken, wash the car, or the other things that normally land on his plate.

2. The Outdoor Dad

This dad is outside all the time, and you can tell by how his skin looks—well tanned and perhaps overly wrinkled. You’re not going to keep him inside, but you can help him take better care of his skin, so he can enjoy those outdoor times even more.

  • Safe Sunscreen: Many dads just grab whatever sunscreen they happen to see, but some contain potentially toxic ingredients that can damage skin over time. Choose a safe option like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Even better—grab a lip balm for him that has sunscreen in it, too.
  • Restorative Skin Balm: Outdoor dads typically have scratches, scrapes, and other wounds they’re living with. Our Restorative Skin Balm helps speed up healing and also softens dry and chapped skin. He can use it over cuts and scrapes, to soothe chapped lips, and to heal shaving cuts.
  • Outdoor Gear: Whatever outdoor activity Dad likes—biking, camping, hunting, hiking, etc.—you can’t go wrong getting him something he can use during that activity. Flashlights, outdoor clothing, survival tools, hearty water bottles, water filters, water-resistant watches, and park passes are all possible options.
  • Face Mist: If Dad is regularly outdoors in the heat, give him our Rescue + Relief Spray. It provides a cooling mist on a hot day, and also moisturizes and calms inflammation. It doubles as a great after-shave.

3. The Career Dad

This dad is ambitious, powerful, and on the move, and he cares about his appearance. He’s got to impress colleagues and clients every day, so he can’t afford to be looking tired or older than his age. He’s also always looking for ways to increase productivity—bring on the gadgets!

  • Cucumber Eye Gel: Puffy eyes are common on hard-working dads, so look for a natural eye gel that helps tame them down. Cold tea bags, cold spoons, and yes, cold cucumbers can also help.
  • Face Moisturizer: Career dads need healthy, young-looking skin. We recommend our Calming Moisture for dads as it not only moisturizes and helps support the skin’s natural barrier, but it leaves behind a healthy glow. It also doubles as a scalp moisturizer if your dad is a little shiny on top.
  • Portable Charger: If your dad is always on the go and complaining about his cellphone battery dying, a portable charger can be just the thing for him.
  • Grooming Kit: For dads who need to look their best, a grooming kit with everything in it can help make their mornings easier. You can buy one ready-made, or create one of your own. Simply combine our travel-sized CV Skinlabs products (moisturizers, a balm, and a spray that doubles as an after-shave) with razors, a brush/comb, nail clippers, shave cream/gel, a toothbrush and toothpaste, sunscreen, shampoo/conditioner, a facial scrub, and his favorite cologne in a travel bag.

4. The Relaxed/Retired Dad

This dad has everything he needs and is particularly hard to buy for. He’s getting a little older and likes spending time with his family, walking the dog, reading, fixing things, hosting barbeques with the neighbors, and keeping things simple.

  • All-Over Moisturizer: This dad doesn’t want any complicated skin care routine, but he still needs a moisturizer. Try our Body Repair Lotion, as it can double as a facial and hand lotion. It’s ultra-soothing—he may like how it feels so much that he starts using it more often.
  • Quality Cooler: Relaxed dads like having cold drinks with them wherever they go, and may also be keen on picnic lunches. Get Dad a quality cooler that will keep his beverages ice cold.
  • Gift Card: Where does your dad like to spend his leisure time? Get him a gift card for his favorite restaurant, golf course, movie theater, or fishing store and you won’t go wrong.
  • Event Tickets: Take Dad to his favorite sports game, music concert, or theater show and watch his eyes light up.

What ideas do you have for Father’s Day?

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