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Enjoy a Broadway Show While Donating To Cancer Research

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CALLING ALL THOSE WHO LOVE BROADWAY SHOWS! Though this is mostly good news for New Yorkers, it may apply to you if you’re coming to New York  for a visit. If your plans include seeing a Broadway show, this may be a great way to purchase your tickets.

Through the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, you can enjoy the best seats in the theater-without being a VIP or paying exorbitant broker’s fees! Best of all, your purchase includes a tax-deductible donation to cancer research. What a great concept. You can go see a show and donate to Cancer Research at the same time.

Why is Damon Runyon different? To beat cancer, they need scientists who will approach the challenge from new directions; scientists who have the energy, drive and creativity to take innovative approaches to finding new cures and treatments. This is why they fund the top young researchers in the nation.

Damon Runyon believes that the greatest breakthroughs will spring from the minds of young scientists. They are looking for the next Albert Einstein, who published his theory of relativity at age 26. Or maybe a James Watson, who co-discovered the structure of DNA at age 25. Or even a Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft at age 21.

The strategy works. Damon Runyon scientists have won Nobel Prizes and made major discoveries about the causes of cancer. They have found new, breakthrough treatments, and are leading cancer centers and renowned research programs throughout the nation.

When you give to the foundation, you’re personally funding innovative cancer research. That’s because 100% of the donations go directly to the nation’s brightest young scientists.

I love Broadway shows and think this is a wonderful way to have fun and give back-especially to OUT OF THE BOX research!

Please share your comments and stories regarding other great cancer-research foundations.

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