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Could this Tiny, Red, Miracle Fruit Revive Taste Buds for Cancer Patients?

+ CV Skinlabs Team

What is “Miracle Fruit,” you ask? I read this article and just had to share with you all about the promising buzz for cancer patients and reviving taste buds during chemotherapy.

I remember my father complaining about “the metal taste” in his mouth and how he couldn’t taste anything. I know when I’ve had a severe flu and couldn’t taste my food, it was very disappointing to eat anything. Many patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation experience this same sensation over and over again. This was also one of the reasons my dad lost a lot of weight, since he had no desire to eat. Everything tasted the same. When patients don’t eat as well or enough, sometimes it can interfere with their treatment, even make it less effective.

One of the things that helped my father was eating with plastic forks and knives rather than with metal utensils. However, there is a now a promising fruit that has many patients talking. When the small, red berry from Africa is rubbed on the tongue, it alters the taste buds for the next 30 minutes. (Sour things will taste more sweet.) This is exciting news to patients who have lost all desire to eat a tasty meal!

One of the few companies that have manufactured miracle-fruit tablets, Miracle Frooties, says, “Chemotherapy patients in Florida currently have unlimited access to the fruit because it restores appetite for some whose palettes have been destroyed by massive doses of radiation.” I placed my order today. I’m very curious to see what they can do for my taste buds.

Clinical trials are still going on, but if this little fruit proves itself, it will help many patients enjoy food again!

For further information on the Miracle Fruit, click here.

Have you tried this fruit while undergoing chemotherapy? Please share your stories and comments with us!

Photo Courtesy of Wholesale Hoodia