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Hair Care + Side Effects

Wow! You Have Great Hair! Learning to Style and Work with Your Wig

So, you’re already dealing with the negative side effects of cancer treatments and you’ve recently lost your hair. What more could you possibly have to worry about?

Hair Care + Side Effects

A Hair-Raising Situation: Planning A Successful First Visit To Your Wig Salon

Does stepping inside a wig salon make you feel weak in the knees?

Hair Care + Side Effects

Now That I've Chosen My Wig, How Do I Care For It?

So, you’ve finally chosen a brand new wig, but you’re having a hard time coping with it in your morning routine.

Hair Care + Side Effects

OMG! So Much To Think About When Choosing A Wig…

Dealing with the negative side effects of cancer treatments (like hair loss) can be difficult enough, but having to choose the right wig for your lifestyle can seem even harder.

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