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Category Archives: "Toxic Talk and Labels"

Toxic Talk and Labels

Avoid Toxins: Tips on How to Shop For Safe Products During Cancer and Beyond

When you’re trying to lose weight, experts say the best thing to do is to change your habits-eating habits, yes, but also shopping habits.

Toxic Talk and Labels

California Lists 30 Chemicals Toxic to Health-Including Chemo Drug Amsacrine

Could it be that a chemical used in treating cancer could also cause cancer?

Toxic Talk and Labels

Get This Book on Toxic Beauty and Learn How to Choose Safer Personal-Care Products

There’s a new book out we just had to tell you about.

Toxic Talk and Labels

Toxin Alert: Phthalates-In Products from Hairspray to Baby Lotion

You would think that if you buy a new shower curtain, bottle of hairspray, or toy for your child at the store, it would be safe to take home and use.

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