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Study Shows: Using Safer Products Does Make a Difference!

Does it really make a difference when we use safer cosmetics-those that have fewer potentially toxic chemicals? You may have wondered about that. Maybe you’ve been reading labels and looking for companies that are more careful about what they put into their makeup, lotions, creams, and other personal care products. All this takes effort, though,

Toxic Talk and Labels

Report: Lead Found In Kids’ Halloween Face Paint

Are you ready for Halloween? It can be such a fun holiday, right? Even adults enjoy dressing up for a day. But most of us would agree-Halloween is for the kids. Some of us look forward to taking them trick-or-treating, while others enjoy school or community parties where we decorate with black cats and skeletons

Toxic Talk and Labels

5 Environmental Toxins Linked to Breast Cancer

We’ve been talking about Breast Cancer Awareness Month here at CV Skinlabs, and no discussion of breast cancer would be complete without reviewing once again the role that environmental risk factors play. We all know there are some toxins in the environment that can increase our risk of cancer, but often we don’t realize what

Toxic Talk and Labels

How to Reduce Your Exposure to 3 Common Groups of Cancer-Causing Toxins

Welcome to October. There are a lot of special things about this month: fall leaves, crisp air, Halloween, and precious birthstones like opal and tourmaline. But as a cancer survivor, I can’t help but associate October with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). Founded in 1985, NCBAM is when we remember to remind ourselves about