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Toxic Talk and Labels

FDA Allows Chemicals in Cosmetics…Who’s Protecting You?

Most of us, in the jobs we have, are familiar with handbooks. We’ve probably failed to read them, as they’re not filled with the most intriguing material, but nevertheless, we’re aware that they present guidelines we’re supposed to follow while working with our employers. Cosmetic manufacturers have such a handbook as well. It’s provided by

Make-up + Toxic Talk and Labels

Makeup Ingredients Found in Your Daughter’s Blood Test? It’s Happening!

Can you imagine how you would feel if doctors took a blood test and found chemicals?

Toxic Talk and Labels

Dry Cleaning-Is Organic Any Less Toxic?

There may be some clothes hanging in your closet that you just can’t throw in the washer.

Toxic Talk and Labels

Hormone Disruptors-Avoid These Products to Stay Safe and Prevent Cancer

As we consider ways to live healthier and reduce our risk of cancer, we need to be aware of chemicals that act as “hormone disruptors.”