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'THINK' Yourself Well + A Cancer Survival Journey

Find Time to be Grateful-It’s Changed the Way I Look at Life

Watching the “Hope for Haiti” broadcast Friday, January 22nd, I couldn’t help but realize how very blessed I am-how blessed we all are to have food, clean water, shelter, and our loved ones around us.

'THINK' Yourself Well

What’s the Secret to Happiness During Cancer? Is It Possible?

For most people, a cancer diagnosis is a definite downer.

'THINK' Yourself Well + Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle

Overwhelmed with Cancer-Related Fear? This Doctor Has a Love-Based Solution

When we’re going through cancer (or caring for someone who is) and feeling overwhelmed, afraid, anxious, and stressed, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a switch to turn it all off and feel better, now?

'THINK' Yourself Well + Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle

Cancer Got You Down? Connect to Your Heart’s Desires for True Healing Power

The word “cancer” can bring up lots of other dark and unfriendly words.