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Skin, Lip and Body Care

Why Mother’s Day Is a Good Time to Suggest Skincare for Aging Moms

If your parents are getting older, you may have thought about skincare for aging moms. Aging brings with it new challenges for the skin. Without regular care, these challenges can turn into problems. Many seniors, however, aren’t in the habit of regularly taking care of their skin—particularly the skin on their bodies. If that sounds

'THINK' Yourself Well + Skin, Lip and Body Care

What Is Psychodermatology and How Can It Help Your Skin?

Have you heard of psychodermatology? It’s a branch of medicine that addresses those skin conditions that have a psychiatric element to them. In this post, we help you understand this fairly new area of skin care research and treatment. You may be dealing with a skin condition right now that could benefit from treatment in

Sustainable Skincare Routine
Skin, Lip and Body Care + Toxic Talk and Labels

6 Top Tips for a More Sustainable Skincare Routine

How sustainable is your skincare routine? With Earth Day just around the corner, we’re thinking about the health of our planet and how we can all contribute by creating less waste. We all live busy lives, so it’s not often that we stop to think about the skincare and makeup products we’re using in terms

Skin, Lip and Body Care

How to Prevent and Treat Damaging Windburn

Have you ever suffered from windburn? For most of us, harsh winds don’t feel good on the skin. But even if you don’t have outright windburn—which involves red and inflamed skin—you could still damage your skin by failing to protect it in harsh weather. What Is Windburn? Windburn is a condition similar to sunburn in

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