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Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle + Skin, Lip and Body Care

Can a Trip to the Spa Help Build the Immune System?

It’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves the way we used to. We feel so tired and fatigued; overwhelmed with so many things to think about. However, we must not underestimate the power of touch while we’re in treatment-a hug, a neck or back massage, even a facial. When we’re trying to heal,

Side Effects + Skin, Lip and Body Care

Lip-Care: How to Stay Nourished and Hydrated During Treatment

Cancer treatments can dry your skin, and your lips are no exception.

Side Effects + Skin, Lip and Body Care

Photosensitivity: How Can We Protect Ourselves During Chemotherapy?

Nothing can help brighten your mood like a warm, sunny day.

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