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Skin, Lip and Body Care

7 Ways to Deal with Retinol Side Effects

If you’re interested in anti-aging, most likely you’ve tried retinol at some point. But what if instead of making your skin better, it actually made it worse? What is Retinol? Retinol is a form of vitamin A that’s designed to help the skin. It was first used to treat acne, because it can unclog pores.

Skin, Lip and Body Care + Surviving Cancer

7 Ways Cancer Treatments Affect Skin, and How to Protect Yourself

October is national breast cancer awareness month, a time when we come together to support women living with cancer and cancer survivors. The good news is that survival rates are improving. The American Cancer Society says that the number of women who died from breast cancer dropped about 40 percent in the past 25 years.

Skin, Lip and Body Care + Toxic Talk and Labels

The Real Benefits of Foot Soaks—Is Detox One of Them?

We’re exposed to more chemicals and potential toxins today than ever before in the history of mankind. They’re in our food, water, and in the ground, as well as in the air around us. The body usually does a great job of filtering them out, but sometimes you may wonder if it could use a

Skin, Lip and Body Care

How White Water Lily Benefits the Skin

One of the skin-care ingredients we love—it’s in our Rescue + Relief Spray—is white water lily. If you’ve ever seen one, you know it’s pretty to look at. In fact, it was often the subject of Claude Monet’s paintings because of its delicate beauty. Today, it’s frequently used as an ornamental addition to water gardens.