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Five Eating Habits That May Shorten Your Life

Are you trying to change your diet to lose a few pounds? You may be missing something. Consider these study results: A long-range study that examined the eating habits of more than 110,000 adults for more than 20 years found that eating red meat-any amount and any type-significantly increased risk of premature death. Worse, adding

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Need to Recuperate? Try the Magic of Yoga and Organic Nutrition at "The Garden"

Several weeks ago, I was in the middle of a burnout. After releasing my new skin care line, I realized I hadn’t stopped to take a breather for quite awhile, and I was feeling the effects. I got tired quickly, felt my attention wandering, and just lacked that energy and zest for life that I

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7 Foods That Help Protect Your Skin from Harmful UV Rays

You know that a lot of foods are really good for you, but did you know that several actually have properties that can help protect your skin from the sun? Considering the intense rays many of us are exposed to this summer, everything helps, right? Here’s a little more about how this works, and what

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Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Caring for Baby: What to Use and What Toxins to Avoid

As women, there’s probably no other time when we’re more concerned about our exposure to potentially harmful chemicals than when we’re pregnant. We want to do everything to ensure that little baby is born as healthy as possible, so we avoid alcohol, throw out the soda pop, and become more conscious than ever before about