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Hands and Feet + Toxic Talk and Labels

Toxic Alert: MMA In Acrylics Could Cause Nail Loss

It’s called MMA, or methyl methacrylate, and if you like acrylic nails, you may be exposed to it.

Hands and Feet

Danger in Nail Salons: Chemicals Reported to Cause Health Problems-Maybe Even Cancer

Know those manicures and pedicures you just love, that help you feel more relaxed and put together?

Hands and Feet + Side Effects

Feet After Cancer-Soreness and Other Side Effects

“My husband had chemo last year and he still has pain in his feet caused by it,” says caregiver Lpfiner.

Hands and Feet + Side Effects

Chemotherapy: Lingering Side Effects on the Hands

After chemotherapy treatments, you can have lingering side effects.

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