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Britta's Cancer Survival Journey + CV Skinlabs Recommendations

Britta's Book at a Glance: Chapter 12, Your Prevention Plan

What do most people want once they’ve been told the cancer is gone? For it to never, ever, ever come back again! It’s natural to worry about it. After you’ve been through so much, the last thing you want to do is go through it again. Unfortunately, you can’t control the future. Sometimes the cancer

'THINK' Yourself Well + Britta's Cancer Survival Journey

My Journey to Pass On My Father's Legacy-What Will You Leave Behind?

As many of you know, I released my book, When Cancer a Hits, on September 15th, 2011 and my new skin care line on March 15, 2012. Once the website was up and the customer service agents ready to take orders, I took a few minutes to look back on the last several years. In

Britta's Cancer Survival Journey + Eczema and Dermatitis

Britta’s Book at a Glance: Chapter 5, Skin Changes and Your Skin Care Routine

Your face identifies you to the world, so it’s no wonder when you start to experience side effects on your cheeks, nose, eyes, and mouth, it can really stress you out.

Britta's Cancer Survival Journey + Surviving Cancer

Cancer Survivor: How to Smoothly Transition from Your Oncologist to Your Regular Doc

I had some great doctors working with me when I went through Hodgkin’s disease, and my father was equally lucky to have some top-notch physicians and oncologists. After it was all over, however, I no longer went to see my oncologist, and there was no recommended “survivorship” plan or support group to help me figure