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Breast Cancer

Radiation at an Early Age Increases Risk for Future Cancers

We all know radiation isn’t good for you, and that it’s related to cancer.

Breast Cancer + Great Cancer Organizations

Cancer Survivor and Photographer Donates Dream Weddings to Young Couples-You Could Win!

My good friend and colleague Morag Currin recently told me about a wonderful program in Colorado.

Breast Cancer + Nutrition

Study Shows Soy May Be Safe for Breast Cancer Survivors

After I gave my presentation at Gilda’s Club in New York City, I had several people ask me about soy.

Breast Cancer + Toxic Talk and Labels

New Komen Perfume “Promise Me”-Pretty Toxic When You Read the Ingredient List

Would you buy a pretty bottle of perfume if you were promised that part of your purchase price would go to a well-known cancer organization, supposedly dedicated to helping find a cure for breast cancer?

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