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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pinkwashing-I’m Fed Up!

All right, I’m just going to say it-I’m tired of companies painting all their products pink just to enjoy the increased profits.

Breast Cancer + Toxic Talk and Labels

Toxin Alert: Household Cleaners & Air Fresheners Could Double Risk for Breast Cancer

Ladies, if you’ve been looking for a reason to cut back on housecleaning, we might just have your credible excuse: A new study suggests that our everyday household cleaners and air fresheners could contribute to cancer risk.

Breast Cancer + Toxic Talk and Labels

Chemical Exposure: Science Takes it Seriously Where Breast Cancer Is Concerned

Acrylic, nylon, and other synthetic fibers could be dangerous at high levels-so dangerous that they increase the risk of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer + Caregiving

"Nowhere Hair" Helps Moms and Kids Talk About Cancer

If you’re dealing with cancer and hair loss and have children, you owe it to yourself to check out Sue Glader’s new book, Nowhere Hair.

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