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Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle

Massage and Cancer: Lymph Nodes Removed? Beware Increased Risk of Lymphedema

Last month, I attended an extensive training taught by Morag Currin, author of Oncology Esthetics, A Practitioner’s Guide. I wanted to learn more about which spa treatments are safe during cancer treatments, and which may be ill-advised.

Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle

The Big Antioxidant Debate: Should You Take Them Or Not During Cancer Treatments?

I know you’ve heard about them. Antioxidants, in today’s health language, are almost synonymous with “health-promoting.” They’re a primary reason why fruits and vegetables are deemed to be so good for us.

Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle + Nutrition

Potential Cancer Fighter: Cordyceps Mushroom

I’ve posted about mushrooms before and their ability to fight cancer, but there’s new news about a different type of mushroom that may inhibit cancer growth.

'THINK' Yourself Well + Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle

Response to My Blog Post Shows: Cancer Patients are Fed Up with Being Told to “Think Positive!”

It was wonderful to have my inbox full of comments on a recent blog post! It’s always been a goal of mine that the Cinco Vidas blog serve as an information source, but I have also looked forward to the day when it would serve as a conversation starter.