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Britta's Book at a Glance: Chapter 8, Complementary Therapies

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While you’re going through cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, you may feel you have your hands full just keeping your head above water. As you struggle to deal with side effects and maintain everything else in your life, you’re liable to wind up feeling spent, worn down, and depressed.

In Chapter 8 of my book, When Cancer Hits, I tell you why it’s important to be proactive during this time to keep yourself feeling as good as possible. Complementary therapies can go a long way toward helping you to ease side effects and maintain your energy and positive mood.

Make An Appointment for You

You may find it difficult to make an appointment for a massage or acupuncture treatment, telling yourself you don’t have time or you don’t really need it. In chapter 8, I explain to you why it’s critical to set aside time at least once a week to focus on something that makes you feel good. A hint: this isn’t about luxury, but about helping your body to recover.

Massage During Cancer Treatments?

You may have been worried about massage during cancer treatments. Maybe you heard that massage encourages the spread of cancer. Well, now we know better. Studies have found that massage can help ease the side effects of treatment-but, it is important to know what kinds of massage are best. Some are too rough for your fragile body. I’ll tell you which types are best, and what kind of therapist you need to look for.

Reflexology, Reiki, and Acupuncture

Do you know that some cancer centers offer these therapies for free to cancer patients? Do you know that each one has shown in studies to help ease the side effects of chemotherapy? Read Chapter 8 to find out more about how these three treatments can help ease muscle pain, soothe anxiety, help you sleep better, reduce headaches, and restore energy. Plus you’ll learn how to spot those practitioners who are knowledgeable about working specifically with those living with cancer.

Yoga, Tai Chi, and Walking

It’s sometimes hard to exercise when you’re going through cancer treatments, yet exercise is extremely important to keep your body strong and able to heal itself. Controlled movements that are gentler on your body can help you achieve your exercise goals while not overtaxing yourself. These three exercises are also great for helping you to calm down and feel good about your body.

Complementary treatments aren’t just “nice to haves.” They’re scientifically proven to help you feel less pain, more energy, and less stress and anxiety-all extremely important in your battle against cancer.

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Have you tried some of these complementary treatments? What did you think?

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