Britta's Cancer Survival Journey

Britta’s Book at a Glance: Chapter 5, Skin Changes and Your Skin Care Routine

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Your face identifies you to the world, so it’s no wonder when you start to experience side effects on your cheeks, nose, eyes, and mouth, it can really stress you out.

My father struggled with an acne-like rash while he was going through cancer, and I have to say it was one of the most difficult side effects he had to deal with. He didn’t want to leave the house! Realizing how devastating these effects can be, I dedicated chapter 5 of my book, When Cancer Hits, to caring for the face during cancer treatments.

Changes to Your Regular Routine

How should you care for your skin when you’re going through treatments? What changes should you make? These are the questions answered in chapter five, where you’ll also discover:

  • How to develop your new facial care routine
  • Skin-saving solutions from your own kitchen
  • Skin-care products you should not use during treatment
  • Ingredients that are particularly helpful to fragile, dry skin
  • How to adapt shaving habits
  • How to keep your facial-care items bacteria free
  • The best way to protect your newly sensitive skin from the sun

Dealing with Specific Concerns

In addition to adjusting your daily habits to care for tender, fragile skin, Chapter 5 also covers specific concerns that often come up during treatment. I’ll give you tips on how to deal with that acne-like rash like my father had, as well as flushing and burn-like pain; dry, chapped lips; and photosensitive skin.

Is it Still Safe to Go to the Spa?

If you enjoyed facials before treatment, you may be wondering now-are they safe? In Chapter 5, I’ll give you the guidelines you need to still enjoy your spa treatments, but to minimize your risk of dangerous reactions and injuries. Plus I’ll clue you in on some industry secrets-namely, some that will save you money at the spa cash register.

The key to a healthy, glowing complexion always starts with careful skin care. Cancer treatments will challenge you to change your old routine, but with a few adjustments, precautions, and new habits, you’re likely to be able to recognize your old self in the mirror again!

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