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Are You Ready to Make a Change? Introducing Britta’s Detox Coaching Packages-For a Limited Time Only!

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Many of you have asked me to come speak at your community groups and organizations about reducing the toxic load in our lives. Others have asked me privately about one-on-one sessions to help you choose the non-toxic cosmetics that are best for you.

In response to these requests, I’m introducing my new “Detox Series Packages”-for a limited time only! (Expires May 8th, 2013.) Go to my campaign here to see details on the packages and how you can sign up.

As you may know, I’m running my first-ever 30-day “safe skin care revolution” campaign from April 11 to May 8, 2013, to raise money to get CV Skinlabs to those who need them most. As part of this campaign, I’ve created three detox sessions to help people like you get started on a new, cleaner, and healthier life.

About the Sessions

These three separate sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Ask yourself-do you:

  • want to start using safer products, but have no idea how to begin?
  • have allergic reactions to cosmetic products, or keep breaking out and don’t know why?
  • need guidance on where to find non-toxic cosmetics, foods, and cleaning products that are safe for you and your family?
  • wish for a personalized routine for your skin needs?

Most of us know that toxins are bad for us, but we feel confused about how to change our lives in such a way that we feel more energetic, vibrant, and focused.

This is where I can help!

Three Programs Tailored to You

  1. One-on-One Personal Detox Overhaul: Britta evaluates your current personal care & home care routine/products before your session, then provides you with a 60-minute, one-on-one session via Skype. You’ll learn how to pick the right non-toxic skincare or makeup products for your skin type, discover how to read labels, and find out what ingredients to avoid for your optimal health. Includes email support for 2 weeks, CV Skinlabs Sample Kit, and Britta’s detox system for your personal care, cosmetics and cleaning products.
  2. VIP Day with Britta in NYC-Personal Detox Overhaul Intensive: Includes all of the above, plus a private shopping tour of the right products for you (personal care, makeup, foods and cleaning products-products purchased on tour not included). Also includes an organic lunch, CV Skinlabs full-size products, and a 14-day detox plan from Dr. Lipman. (Travel to NYC not included.)
  3. The Personal Detox Signature Lecture from Britta-In Your City! For this session, I’ll tailor my presentation to your organization. Let me inspire you to reduce your toxic load, choose safer products, manage cancer side effects, and detox your world! Ideal for spa and salon owners, non-profit organizations, community groups, book clubs, and volunteer care and caregiving personnel. Up to 50 participants. (Travel and accommodations must be paid for by participant host.)

Make the Decision to Change Your Life

Science is coming to light almost every day now showing us that the chemicals around us are affecting our health. A study published in 2000, for instance, stated that chronic fatigue syndrome often comes about after exposure to pesticides, or because of “sick building syndrome,” in which chemicals inside buildings gradually affect those living and working inside them.

Meanwhile the CDC and the EPA have shown that we are all running around with measurable levels of toxins inside us, including phthalates and even wood preservatives! It’s time to make a change. If you want to change your life, start feeling better than you ever have, and contribute to helping others-all at the same time-go to our crowdfunding site and sign up for the session that sounds best to you!

Go to our crowdfunding page now at, choose your detox session, and become a part of our safe skin care revolution!

Delia Racciatti, et al., “Chronic fatigue syndrome following a toxic exposure,” The Science of the Total Environment 270 (2001): 27-31.

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