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8 Ways to Detox Physically and Mentally Every Day

+ CV Skinlabs Team

Even if you’ve decided to try to reduce the number of toxins in your life, you may find it a bit challenging. All that label reading and research is one thing, but then you probably have daily challenges like your morning commute in the smog, your exposure to fluorescent lights and flu germs in the office, and the negative vibes coming from your boss or even from your significant other.

Fortunately, there are easy, daily steps you can take to flush out both physical and emotional toxins. Try the following detox methods, and see if you don’t feel refreshed, lighter, and more vibrant!

  1. Sleep. There’s really no better way to detox and recharge your body and mind. When we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies don’t have the time to repair the damage done from the day before, to both our physical and emotional selves. We wake up tired, irritated, and foggy, and we’re behind before we ever get started. Adopt a regular bedtime routine and follow it every night.
  2. Hydrate. It’s common sense, but how often do you forget to drink regular clean water? Challenge yourself and count the number of glasses you drink per day. Likely by the time you’re done with your coffee, milk, juice, tea, and other beverages, water has been inched out. Start first thing in the morning with a full glass before your coffee or other hot beverage, then keep it up throughout the day. Adding the juice of half a lemon helps support the liver’s detoxifying efforts.
  3. Brush. Dry skin brushing before your shower or bath is an easy way to detoxify. You shed dead skin cells and stimulate circulation, helping the body get the flow going. Find out more about how to do dry skin brushing on my post.
  4. Breathe. Remember, we expel many toxins through the breath every day. Most of us, though, don’t breathe correctly. We take constricted, shallow and stressed breaths that do little to bring in needed oxygen. Be aware of your breath, relax, and breathe deeply from the lower part of the diaphragm.
  5. Exercise. Again, common sense, but sweat is another way we get rid of toxins, both physically and emotionally. You know you feel better after it’s over, because your body is releasing those feel-good endorphins. There’s also no better way to shrug off that nasty comment someone said to you earlier. Best way to do it-establish a routine. First thing in the morning, at lunch, or right after work, go to the gym, get on the treadmill, or take a walk. Your body and mind will thank you.
  6. Stretch. Surprised? Stretching is actually as important as exercising. When you exercise, you deposit acids into the muscles. Stretching helps push that acid out, leaving you feeling more limber and relaxed. Try some basic yoga, or take at least 15 minutes after exercising to limber up.
  7. Dandelion root tea. It’s a natural detoxifier and an herbal diuretic-try one cup a day for the next three days and see how you feel.
  8. Find ten minutes of quiet time. Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed by traffic, your boss’s complaints, or your kid’s struggles in school? The best first step toward a mental detox is 10 minutes of quiet time. Research shows that all the noise in our world stresses us out. Go somewhere quiet-like a library, the inside of your car, the back staircase, a park, or even an empty room. If you can’t find anywhere, put on your headphones and play some calming music, then breathe out all those toxins with nice, deep breaths.

Have you tried daily detoxifying methods? What works for you?

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