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7 Steps to Get that “Dewy” Skin Look Without Makeup

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Have you noticed a new buzzword in the beauty industry lately?

It’s “dewy,” and it describes that fresh, young, and natural look of healthy, radiant skin. Everyone wants this look these days, as we step away from the heavily made-up look to seek the more natural, youthful beauty.

How do you get the dewy look? We’ve got some tips for you.

Why the Change to the Dewy Skin Look?

It used to be that the matte look—the opposite of dewy—was “the” look to have. Matte skin has a more velvety appearance with no shine, and tends to have a powdery texture. Dewy skin has a more moist appearance that is meant to reflect light to appear more radiant.

Dewy skin is more “in” today because it’s fresher and livelier. Because it reflects light, it tends to diminish the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. It gives you the appearance of being young and vibrant, while still looking healthy and natural.

How to Get the Dewy Skin Look

Now you can get a dewy look with makeup products, but it won’t be quite as natural looking as the one you can get without makeup. There are luminizing lotions and primers and highlighters that you can use to fake it, but since we’re all about the clean, natural look, we wanted to tell you how to get a truly dewy appearance.

Keep in mind that this look is all about moisture and hydration, so if you have oily skin, look for products that keep you hydrated without breaking you out. Typically these products are lighter in texture—lotions over creams, or even natural oils work well for oily skin. Dry skin types can go ahead and layer on the moisture for the best effects.

1. Use a gentle, creamy cleanser to enjoy healthy, radiant skin.

If there’s one thing you’re doing to cause dry skin, it’s using the wrong cleanser. Soaps, scrubs, and liquid cleansers can all strip skin of its natural oils, leaving you starting out your routine already dry. It’s really hard to recover a dewy look when you begin this way, so seek out a sulfate-free, gentle cleanser that will cleanse skin without stripping it.

2. Follow with a hydrating toner for youthful beauty.

There is some debate about whether, with today’s more quality cleansers, we still need to use a toner. If you want dewy skin, it’s a good idea to keep this element in your routine. Just be sure to find the right one. Avoid all those that contain alcohol, and seek out something that will further hydrate and refresh your skin. We recommend our Rescue + Relief Spray, as it helps to naturally hydrate and tame inflammation and works equally well for all skin types. You can also use a natural oil-based spritz or other hydrating spray.

3. Follow with a deeply moisturizing serum for more younger-looking skin.

Before your skin dries out, apply your favorite serum. It could be an anti-aging serum, or if you have younger skin, you can choose a natural face oil to boost hydration. Natural oils penetrate deeply into skin to moisturize at the lower levels, and many can also help balance the natural oils already present in your skin. This should be a light product that penetrates quickly, as you will be following it up with a regular moisturizer.

4. Smooth on your best moisturizer for ongoing hydration.

Which moisturizer you use depends on whether it’s morning or night. In the morning, you’ll want to choose a lighter lotion if you have oily or combination skin. Dry skin types can use a thicker, richer cream both in the morning and at night, as long as you don’t have acne trouble. Our Calming Moisture works equally well for both types, and is filled with natural oils and shea butter. This product also leaves your skin with a natural-looking sheen, helping you appear more dewy instantly!

5. Exfoliate a couple times a week to reveal younger-looking skin.

If you have old, dead skin cells on your face, your skin will look dull, not dewy. You need to slough that top layer off so your younger, newer cells can show through, which automatically creates a more dewy look. Therefore, it’s important to exfoliate a couple times a week, but make sure you’re doing it gently. Use natural fruit acids like malic, glycolic, and lactic, rather than harsh nut-based or crystal-based scrubs that can create tiny wounds in skin and create acne and irritation.

6. Use a hydrating mask a couple times a week for deep hydration.

Remember—this look is all about moisture, so you need to feed your skin a bit more than usual. Alternating with your exfoliating days, have a couple hydrating days where you put on a hydrating mask and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. Choose one made of natural ingredients that feeds your skin the nutrients it needs to look its best. You can also use an extra heavy layer of our Calming Moisture for this purpose—just let it sit on the skin for several minutes before rubbing it in.

7. Keep a hydrating mist handy.

If you follow all these steps regularly, your skin will start to take on that dewy look. But don’t be surprised if you start out the day looking fresh and vibrant, and then find about halfway through that your skin has gotten dry and dull.

A number of factors can dry skin, including air conditioning and heating, sun exposure, diet, pollution, and more. Take a hydrating spray like our Rescue + Relief Spray with you and simply spritz on your face when you need it. It will give your skin a needed drink of hydration and nutrients and help you keep your dewy look for a little bit longer.

How do you create dewy skin?

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