5 Ways to Best Prepare Skin for Makeup

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Did you hear about Fashion Week NYC? It took place September 8-15 and as usual, it was an exciting event.

At CV Skinlabs, we’re always thrilled to hear about the many celebrity makeup artists who work with the models at fashion week and love to use our products.

“I love using CV Skinlabs Rescue + Relief Spray on my clients before applying makeup,” says Julie Harris, Celebrity and Fashion Make-up Artist. “It soothes and calms any redness and instantly hydrates. Beautiful, supple skin!”

We don’t sell makeup, but it’s not just the color products that make makeup look great. In fact, how makeup looks on your face has everything to do with the condition of your skin. If you’d like fashion-week looks, take advantage of our tips below!

1. Mask If You Have Time

If you have 10-15 minutes of time before you have to apply your makeup, take advantage of it. Use that time to apply a deeply hydrating, repairing mask to get your skin ready for the day.

You can choose a well-made product that contains natural ingredients, or you can make your own. One of the best homemade options is a cucumber tea mask. It helps tighten pores, awaken skin, and gives your face a dose of antioxidants to help protect it all day.

Steep two white tea bags in a teakettle, then cut up a large cucumber into the liquid and let it sit for about an hour. Then place the cucumber slices all over your face and leave on for 10-30 minutes.

2. Soothe and Calm Redness

Some foundations can hide redness, but your results will be last longer if you treat that redness first.

Maybe you suffer with sensitive skin, rosacea, or eczema. Treating these conditions makes it a lot easier to create your best look than just trying to cover them up. The best product for the job is our Rescue + Relief Spray. Store it in the refrigerator for best results, then spray liberally to the red, inflamed areas on clean skin.

Chamomile and cucumber provide instant, cooling relief, while water lily removes heat and calms burning sensations. The spray dries quickly, after which you can apply your moisturizer.

Celebrity makeup artist Joanna Vargas loves CV Skinlabs for treating sensitive, inflamed skin. She recently spoke to W Magazine about her work:

“I like CV Skinlabs, a non-toxic line with anti-inflammatory properties. They have a skin balm that is really good for people with eczema, or any other type of inflammation or sensitivity.”

3. Treat Dry, Flaky Areas

If you have areas of skin that are dry and flaking, you know these areas will show through your foundation. Even if the look hidden at first, throughout the day they’ll start to show through.

Here’s where our Restorative Skin Balm comes in really handy. It helps soften, hydrate, and heal damaged skin, particularly extra dry areas, so they appear smoother immediately. The bottle is also small enough to stuff into your purse so you can reapply during the day as needed.

After using the Rescue + Relief Spray, apply Restorative Skin Balm to cracked, dry, and flaky skin. Don’t forget your lips! The calendula, sea buckthorn oil, and arnica all provide fat-soluble vitamins and natural plant-based antioxidant to help heal and regenerate skin.

4. Provide Lasting Moisture

The problem with many daily moisturizers is that they just don’t last. You get a glow for about ten minutes to an hour, and then it fades, replaced by dull, dry skin.

That’s why you need to be really choosy in your facial moisturizer. Of course, we recommend our Calming Moisture, because it promotes long-term hydration, but it also gives you that instant, radiant glow without any oily residue.

On top of that, it has aloe vera and oat extract to reduce redness, irritation, and itchiness, so it won’t only moisturize, but will help soothe sensitive areas, too. It’s ideal for all-day moisture, but also works great for those who have to go through more than one makeover a day. It helps skin bounce back and recover so it maintains that healthy, vibrant look.

5. Yes, Use a Primer!

You may wonder if a foundation primer is worth the money. As long as you’re getting a quality product, our answer is “yes.” A primer helps soften the skin, diminish the look of pores, and gives the foundation a smoother surface on which to “sit.” The best brands also help keep makeup looking fresh all day.

Once you’ve applied your moisturizer, primer is next. Be careful though, as most of them are full of silicone ingredients, which can clog pores in some people. There are a lot of safer options out there. The Vapour Organic Stratus Luminous Instant Skin Perfector, for example, contains goodies like evening primrose oil, sunflower seed oil, fruit extracts, and vitamin E, and helps to smooth texture and diffuse lines.

Realize that with primer, a little goes a long way. Start in the center of the face and work your way out, applying with your fingertips or a sponge and avoiding the eye area. Go for light coverage, not heavy, and then let it set a minute before applying foundation.

Do you properly prepare your face before applying makeup?

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